Report a claim

Any claim must be notified WITHIN 5 DAYS of such accident (or 2 days in case of theft).

Step 1:
Fulfill out "preliminary" online claim form to comply with above requirements.
A summary will automatically be sent to you by email.
Mandatory fields are preceded by an asterisk  *

Step 2 :
Once your preliminary form is received, you will receive by email a comprehensive accident form to be fulfilled and signed.

Third Parties and Witnesses

Important information :

  • Take all safety measures to prevent any further deterioration of the aircraft, any damage the wreck could cause to Third Parties …).
  • Take pictures of the aircraft before removal and during dismantling.
  • Communicate the details of the contact person (for the loss adjuster or the insurer).
  • Communicate the contact details of the Third Parties potentially liable and request their declaration.
  • Do not start any repair before prior adjuster/insurer approval

 Which documents should I provide with? 

You ought to forward the following documents:

  • Detailed list of material damages to the aircraft or to third parties’ property.
  • Contact details of Third parties involved in the claim and possible witnesses.
  • Pictures of the aircraft before removal and during dismantling.
  • The police report.
  • Cost estimate of the repairs.

Your details
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